The mission of First Ave Promo is to provide unique products and services that help our customers express their identity.

First Ave Promo started back in July of 2011 as a way to branch off from our online retail sister company, Old Lutheran. We saw that there was a local need for custom apparel decoration, and we had all of the tools and equipment to help small businesses and groups create new custom gear.

Core Values

  • Creativity - We think outside the box to find unique solutions
  • Integrity - We do what we say and are committed to providing quality products and precise execution
  • Pride - We take pride in our products, team, work, and community
  • Helpfulness - We are an approachable resource that builds partnerships with customers

Meet the Team Below

Our team consists of four smaller departments: Design, Production, Sales, and Marketing. Each of these smaller teams works cohesively with the others from beginning to end in the promotional process. From starting to gather information to carrying out the design and printing the items, our entire team is involved in one way or another to complete the project.